Will Abortion Ruin my Marriage?

Will abortion ruin my marriage? It’s a question our patients are asking. It’s also one of the top searched questions for women looking for abortion options in Chicago. So just why are so many of you asking this question, and what’s the answer? Marriage is already difficult, with almost half of all marriages ending in divorce. When you add in an unexpected pregnancy while you feel like your family is already complete, you’re in no shape financially to raise another kid, you don’t feel the timing is right, the marriage is rocky, or the pregnancy is from an affair, suddenly you can be completely overwhelmed. We can clearly see why so many of you are concerned about how an abortion can impact your marriage. However—Getting the answer just isn’t as easy as searching the internet for Will abortion ruin my marriage?  and getting a simple yes or no answer, because the answer can be rather complex. Abortion options are simply not a “one size fits all” type of approach. When gathering information about abortion and how it will impact your marriage, you need experienced professionals who can offer compassionate care by listening to all your questions and help you map out a plan that will work for you and your situation.  You deserve the ability to make a decision based on your individual situation without added pressure from any outside influences. We’re ready to step in and help you on your journey to making the best choice for you and your situation. We believe in women’s rights, safety, relationships, exceptional customer service, and freedom of choice. More importantly, we believe in you and our ability to empower you during your pregnancy and throughout your abortion decision making process. We’re a nonprofit clinic that provides all of our services at no-charge to you. There’s somebody you can talk to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! CALL: 630.701.6270 or TEXT: 630.360.CALM (2256) or contact us online today.