When He’s Threatening to Leave If You Don’t Go Through With the Abortion

First things first. If you’re reading this because it speaks to you and your situation, please know that YOU. ARE. NOT. ALONE. Hundreds of women walk through our doors each year with unexpected pregnancies, and many of them are in rocky relationships. It’s not shocking to hear a young woman say, “My boyfriend will leave me if I don’t have an abortion.” Now, while we’re not the type to try to push you one way or the other with an abortion decision, no one else should be either, including a boyfriend or the father of the pregnancy. He shouldn’t be manipulating you to make you feel as if you don’t have any option but to abort this pregnancy or risk losing him. Ladies, you don’t need someone like that in your life—for real. Real love doesn’t resort to threats or ultimatums. That is a major sign that he’s only looking out for himself if he’s trying to pressure you into an abortion decision that you’re not quite sure about or maybe don’t want at all. You are fully capable of making the best decision for you and your situation. That’s why we strive to empower you with information for pregnancy options and abortion decisions. We care about the women in our Chicago communities. Our goal is to have women walking out of our clinic feeling more encouraged and empowered than they did coming in. We’re a nonprofit clinic that provides all of our services, at no-charge to you. There’s somebody you can talk to, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! CALL: 630.701.6270 or TEXT:  630.360.CALM (2256) or contact us online today.