Our no charge Pregnancy Evaluation & Confirmation includes an ultrasound performed by a licensed nurse, which is reviewed by our Medical Director.

The ultrasound will be scheduled following a positive pregnancy test result performed at our center.  During your appointment, our medical team will conduct the ultrasound to provide pregnancy confirmation. Because roughly a third of pregnancies end in natural miscarriage, the results will be based on many factors in providing a pregnancy diagnosis.

They will look for:

  • Signs of a viable pregnancy (such as uterine contents)
  • Determining how far along is the pregnancy
  • Safety or health concerns for the woman (such as an ectopic pregnancy) that need to be addressed.

Afterwards, you will meet with the medical staff to discuss the evaluation and receive a confirmed result and pregnancy diagnosis. Regardless of what pregnancy decision you are considering, let our caring medical professionals provide an evaluation so you can make the best decision for YOU.

Call 888.989.WEHELP (888.989.3435), Text 630.360.CALM (2256)or stop by to schedule your Pregnancy Evaluation & Confirmation TODAY.