Phone Etiquette Tips

In the 21st Century it sometimes feels ancient to talk on the phone.  However, there is often the need to do just that.  Sometimes the phone calls are personal, but oftentimes they are professional – and that is where we all need a little help. Did you know that there is proper etiquette to follow when taking a professional phone call?  A professional phone call could be anything that ranges from talking to your boss on the phone, calling a coworker, or even doing a phone interview for a job.  Here are some tips when taking/making professional phone calls:

  1. Identify yourself at the beginning of the call. Depending on who you are calling, they might not have your number.  Therefore, it is always important to answer the phone with your name.  Start each conversation with assurance that the person you’re on the phone with knows exactly who you are.
  2. Be in a quiet room. Nothing is more frustrating than being on the phone with someone and not being able to hear them because their background noise is so loud.  So, give a little respect to the person you’re on the phone with, and make sure you’re in a quiet environment.  Additionally, if it’s chaotic, you might not be able to understand or follow what they are saying if you are distracted.  This wouldn’t be a great scenario to have when you’re on a professional phone call.
  3. Did you know that people on the other end of the phone call tell if you are smiling or not by the way you talk?  They can.  So, smile, and be cheerful when you’re on the phone.  It is a sure way to start the conversation off great from the start.
  4. Tone of voice. Don’t sound bored on the phone.  In addition, make sure that you aren’t too soft-spoken so the person on the other end can’t hear you, but don’t talk too loud and powerful that they can’t even hold the phone to their ear either.  Just be yourself, calm, and attentive.
If you plan ahead, and have a plan for your phone call, it is sure to be a success.  Just remember, smile, the people on the other end can always tell!