How to Juggle Priorities

I heard someone speak a couple weeks ago about juggling priorities. She gave an example that all of your priorities are like balls up in the air that you’re juggling. You have to determine which ones are rubber balls that will bounce back if you happen to drop them and which ones are glass balls that, of course, will shatter upon impact after dropping them. This visual has impacted me so greatly that I felt it would be valuable to pass along today when discussing juggling priorities. Below you’ll find additional support for how to maintain balance in your life. 

  #1 Label the glass balls in your life. As mentioned above, glass balls are important things in your life that will shatter with irreparable damage if you don’t give them the attention they require. Reflect and decide what things in your life need to be categorized as your top priorities. 

  #2 Label the rubber balls in your life. You are bound to drop the ball a few times (probably more like a few hundred times) in your lifetime. Which things will bounce back after you’ve had to give your glass balls a little more attention than usual?  

  #3 Allow yourself some flexibility. It’s one thing to acknowledge that you may have to shift to adapt to certain priority’s needs from time to time, but it’s another thing to do it. Give up on perfection. It’s an illusion. Allow yourself to be okay with dropping those rubber balls occasionally in order to protect your glass ones. In addition, sometimes outside influence or timing determine which rubber balls may need to become higher priorities. Be sure that you’ve allowed flexibility for that in your life as well.  

  #4 Priorities aren’t just what you say they are. They are revealed by how you live. All of the planning in the world to protect your priorities is meaningless if when push comes to shove you choose to keep a rubber ball moving through the air knowing that it will allow a glass ball to hit the ground.  

  #5 Surround yourself with a great team of jugglers. (Not to be confused with clowns. That’s a whole different blog topic!) It can be exhausting when you’re attempting to do everything on your own. Search out friends and co-workers who understand the importance of maintaining balance and are willing to help you. Of course, they want to help you, because they know you’ll do the same for them when needed!