Healthy Breakfast Options

Breakfast is a must.  I am not even going to go into the debate of breakfast or no breakfast.  We have all heard it time and time again, and it’s true… breakfast is great for you.  And skipping breakfast is bad.  That is the bottom line. So now, let’s get to the point.  Since we know breakfast is a must, and we know how important it is, what is actually good to eat for breakfast?  I heard the other day that it is actually healthier to eat pizza for breakfast than it is to eat cereal.  Crazy, huh? However, if you think about it, there is so. much. sugar. in cereal… Look, I am not telling you not to eat cereal for breakfast, but I am saying be aware of what is in your cereal. Okay, okay… enough about cereal.  I am here to talk about healthy breakfast options.  So, here we go:

  • Eggs.  Eggs are so good for you, and they actually make you feel full!  You can scramble, you can eat sunny side up, whichever you prefer… just know they are good for you!
  • Toast.  We hear it over and over again… carbs are bad… But that is not true.  Carbs are not bad.  However, eating too many carbs isn’t good.  So, limit yourself to one piece for breakfast.  Have a piece of toast with your eggs and you won’t be disappointed.  I promise.
    • Carbs comment: if you are active and workout, carbs are a must.  So, don’t ride the no carb train, be sure that you give your body what it needs.
  • Yogurt + Fruit. Greek yogurt is healthy, and good for you!  Add that yogurt with some fruit and even a little granola and you have a healthy on-the-go breakfast option.  Now that you know about this, you can’t make the excuse of “I don’t have time” in the mornings.  Prep the combo the night before and grab it as you are walking out of the door.  Come on!  You can do it!  It is good for you!
I know they are so simple… but you don’t have to spend hours making breakfast each morning.  In fact, no one has time for that, especially on week days before work.  So, if you have 15 mins to cook each morning, do it, if you don’t prep the night before.  You have to do what works best for you.  But please, just eat breakfast! Looking for more healthy options?  Pinterest it!  There is tons of stuff!