Green Ways to Increase Your Health and Wellness

We all know that our environment, the things and activities that surround us on a daily basis, have an impact on our lives, including our moods and behavior. You’ve probably heard about certain colors that can influence moods and maybe even certain oils that can impact your health and well-being. However, have you ever thought about how indoor plants may be able to positively impact your daily life?

We’ve broken down some of our favorite green friends into useful categories that range with varieties that will make you smile, plants that are proven to increase your health and wellness, and one that will give you hope for acquiring a green thumb yet!

Fun Varieties:

Meet the air plant, a low-maintenance houseplant that grows without soil. While the roots still attach to what it’s perched upon to create support for itself, the leaves are responsible for gathering moisture from the air.

This unique variety does require a different kind of care than traditional plants, but would you really expect anything different from a plant that doesn’t require soil to grow? Our air-conditioned homes don’t allow for the much-needed humidity these little guys take to survive, so the best way to water them is to soak them in a bowl of water for 10-12 hours a couple times each month.

Air plants range in colors with different shades of green to vibrant tropical colors and can be ordered online from a few retailers like Air Plant Supply Co. We really like this company, because they build schools in Guatemala with proceeds from the air plants they sell. Knowing you’re making a difference in the lives of young people bound to make you and others smile when they discover that you’re raising these fun and unique houseplants with a purpose.

Healthy Varieties:

Orchids are definitely pleasing to the eye with their elegant flowers atop tall stems, but did you know that they are effective at removing xylene from the air? Xylene is a chemical found in paints, stains, cleaning products and glues. Basically, xylene is all around you. Orchids do a beautiful job of filtering out this toxin and releasing oxygen at night, making them an excellent bedroom plant. Better oxygen while you sleep, means that you’ll wake up more refreshed and rested.

Orchids look fragile and high maintenance, but they’re actually fairly hardy plants. When you’re looking for which orchid to buy, we recommend you read this article about what to look for. A room with a good air-flow like the gentle breeze of a ceiling fan and good lighting will allow this plant to thrive and oxygen to be replenished for your environment and your health.

Invincible Varieties:

Pothos is one of the easiest houseplants to grow and almost impossible to kill. I once traveled for nearly a month and came home to this plant still hanging on. Given, it definitely did need water as soon as I dropped my bags at the door, and I saw it was looking a little sad. Within a day it had sprung back to its fullness! Over the years I discovered that I don’t think I could kill this plant if I tried.

With its nearly invincible qualities, you can easily establish a routine for watering and maintenance. They thrive in most any kind of light, including artificial lighting in an office environment or basement. If you’re looking for a way to start conditioning yourself to care for a plant, this is your match! This plant is sure to give you the confidence and training you need to add to your collection of plants that can boost your mood and your health!