Getting Through Busy Days

Do you ever have those days that feel like you barely even have time to breathe? You’re rushing from one class to another, or from one meeting to another, or you’re up against a deadline and working nonstop, and somehow you never seem prepared for it? We’ve all experienced it, and it can be frustrating even when you know it’s coming. That looming date on your calendar that’s full of tasks and appointments, one after another, can put a damper on even the best mood.

  Busy days like this are not fun at all, it’s true, but there are ways to make them easier! The biggest tip is to plan ahead. This sounds vague, but it includes a lot of things. Setting out your outfit or packing your bag the night before can add extra time to your day and save you some stress in the morning. Make sure you have all the documents or materials you’ll need so you aren’t scrambling to print something or having to rush back home to pick up something you forgot. Think about the things that you’ll need and try to anticipate any problems that might come up. Are you planning to wear a pair of shoes that you know might hurt your feet? Pack an extra pair and some band-aids, or just adjust your outfit to wear a different pair.

  Another tip is to remember to eat! So often when we are busy and caught up in some project or another, we forget to eat. Not only is this bad for your health, it can also make an already hectic day even more stressful if you get hungry later on or develop a headache. You certainly don’t have to take a long lunch if you don’t have the time, but don’t let yourself put off eating – even if it means working while you eat. Try cooking extra food on the weekends (or on less busy days) that you can then keep in the refrigerator or the freezer and pack for lunch. This will save you the time (and money) that you’d spend by going out, and will likely be healthier for you anyway!

  Getting enough sleep is crucial for your health and for your productivity, and this is especially true on busy days. Try going to bed a little bit earlier the night before to give yourself some extra rest before a stressful day, and try to put away all electronics at least an hour before bed to make sure you’re getting good quality sleep.

Finally, take time to relax! It can be hard in a busy day to find time for yourself, but take advantage of it when you do. Whether it’s listening to your favorite podcast on your morning commute or just taking a walk around the block to get some fresh air and step away from your desk, find little ways to relax where you can.

  Busy days are hard, there’s no getting around that. But there are definitely ways to make them easier and less stressful. These are just a few tips to consider the next time you have a day that seems nonstop – plan ahead, remember to eat, get enough sleep, and relax!